Process & Production

Song Yun Fine Ceramic Stones

       "Fine Ceramic Stones" is the original patented product of Songyun Go Industry, which has its unique process and skills in terms of shape, density, hand feeling, formula and production. "Second Generation Fine Ceramic Stones" is an innovation and improvement based on the original patent and has won the second patent award, and the Weiqi pieces have achieved a more "clean, white, moist, transparent and smooth" excellent vision and feel. If you use it frequently, it can pack the pulp naturally and will last forever.

       Songyun takes the lead in global Weiqi making technology, creating ultra-uniform, stable center of gravity double-sided convex fine Ceramic Go pieces.Three-dimensionally aligned, uniform.The Baizi is as white as jade, pure and moist as grease;  the spot is  black as lacquer ink, delicate and steady.

Fine Ceramic Stones Process

Song Yun Jizi

        "Jizi" is the trademark of the glaze series of Go pieces under Songyun Go, which is in the same vein as Yunzi and Yongzi's craftsmanship. According to historical records, the prototype of glaze began in Yue State in the late Spring and Autumn Period. As early as the Western Zhou Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago, the Central Plains had a mature glass manufacturing technology, which was later spread to all  parts of southern Yunnan (now Yunnan) via the Silk Road.


        Go originated and prevailed in the ancient Luoyang city. It has a variety of shapes and colors. It is a very popular cultural entertainment among the imperial nobles, among which there are many colored glaze Go stones. 

        In modern times, Luoyang was a craftsmanship base derived from colored glaze in China. After several generations of glassware experts in Luoyang, the ancient colored glaze craftsmanship has been comprehensively inherited, improved and innovated in the Songyun Go. The spots are transparent green, but falling on the Go board like paint. Baizi's light is like jade, the color is elegant, the hand feels gentle and smooth, and it is loved by the majority of chess players.  

Jizi Process