Agents & Dropshippers Invitation

  • Fast shipping. we have established overseas warehouses especially in the United States, with more choices of goods,faster delivery, and cheaper prices.(Other overseas warehouses will be established in Europe and Australia soon).
  • Professional Team: providing drop-shipping express service for international e-commerce enterprises. We can provide customers with customizable value-added services: packaging, labeling, barcode, label change, quality inspection, assembly, processing, coding, plastic sealing, envelopes, packaging, shipping, etc.
  • Extensive products. The products we provide include go chess sets, tea sets, cultural and creative accessories, research tours, go courses and cultural centers and its supporting facilities.
  • Sufficient inventory. We have a complete set of equipment including raw material processing, dry material molding,inspection, injection molding, packaging, storage and transportation, etc.
  • Attentive service. Accept customization, according to your need.
    Your requirement and complaints will be high respected;
    Free spare chess pieces for long-life.